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Custom Test Rig for the Rail Industry

WGA was approached by iLECSYS Rail, due to the growing demand from Network Rail for Plug & play cable assemblies. We were asked to provide in-house manufacturing capabilities, to aid in the testing of their completed cable assemblies.

In order to do this, we built a custom test rig which allows full checking of both continuity and insulation resistance. This is effective for both, core to core and core to earth combinations.

When used in conjunction with two recording test meters, this allows us to fully capture all the test results. These recorded results are uploaded into a custom written database, which automatically verifies that these are within preset parameter limits, thus eliminating operator errors.

Along with a comprehensive mechanical inspection, this ensures that the finished product is of a very high quality. This also combats any difficulty for iLECSYS Rail to obtain supplies, in a reliable and timely manner, from external sources.

Rail Test Rig