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Electrical Testing has always been at the forefront of everything that WGA manufactures. We use the same approach to testing, whether this is for our new or existing customers, which includes products that must meet the safety critical standards demanded by our customers in the rail industry.

Every product is subject to a full continuity and insulation resistance check as a minimum. Wherever possible we will also carry out a full functionality test as well, which includes checking PLC programs and testing signal and alarm functions to check for correct operation. For our Class II products, we will also carry Hi-Pot and foil testing at 3500V to ensure the integrity of the insulation.

Every product is assigned a unique serial number which is automatically generated from our in-house computer system as a job is created. Photographs of the final product, along with all the test results, are recorded and archived on our servers for future reference. These are available for any product, to any customer, upon request.